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Reverie Studios ExperiencePIN

Meet and Greet


The first step in the Reverie Experience begins much before the wedding and even before you finalize your booking with us. It starts with a detailed, informal consultation so that you feel comfortable in knowing who is capturing your wedding day pictures. We want the connection to be there because it will reflect in the awesome photos during your big day.

Discuss Wedding Day


Following the meeting, if we are given the honor of being part of your wedding day, we help in creating a time-efficient itinerary. Getting married can be overwhelming. Unlike buying a pair of shoes or a new outfit, with weddings, you often don’t know what you don’t know. Although we are not wedding planners, we have seen enough weddings to know what will work and what won’t during a typical wedding day schedule. At any point leading up to the wedding you have timely access to us if questions arise.

The Engagement Shoot


Our engagement sessions are where we get to know our couples; not only in front of the camera, but off camera as well. If you choose a package that includes an engagement shoot (a very wise decision!) it will act as a practice session getting to know us and working in front of the camera. 99% of our clients have absolutely no modeling experience. We find that the relaxed atmosphere and not being constrained by time as on wedding days really help even the most shy couples have fun!  Find something the two of you have in common; be it an activity, a hobby, a special location, or maybe just use it as a reason to get dressed up! We will coach you during the entire session. The end result; awesome photos that you can show at the wedding and over Facebook.

The Wedding Day


The big day has finally arrived! We have spent a few hours together and now its time to get married. During the wedding day we are here to help you remember your day from beginning to end. We are there to capture your story. While our role is to primarily take photos, we often do much more like carrying flowers, pinning boutonnieres, and coordinating with other vendors. We will be interacting with you during the day when you need us, and we will shoot more discreetly during those special moments that are meant just for the two of you.

Getting Your Photos


Many times after the wedding we hear our clients say “Wow that was an amazing turn around time on our photos!”. Within one month of your wedding, we will have all of your photos ready for pickup. We also take one extra step to help you share these timeless photos with family and friends. We create an online gallery and download website for each of our couples containing all photos in high resolution so that anyone that you choose to share the link with, can have access to them without having to bother you for copies on DVD or USB keys. Send the link once via email and your sharing job is done.

Ever After


Week, months, years after your wedding day, we happily find ourselves in contact with all our couples. We will build friendships and connections that will carry on to anniversaries, children, and family events. Every Reverie Experience is tailored to you. Every Reverie Experience is a lifelong journey.

Dream. Live. Love.

Experience Reverie Studios.

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