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Christina & Daniel :: Queens Landing Wedding

Ryan from Reverie has had the pleasure of knowing Christina for over half his life. It was an absolute pleasure and honor to have the opportunity to shoot her wedding. Niagara on the Lake is always fun to shoot with historic buildings and small town feel you can’t get from the city. We have shot weddings in the Niagara area but this one had a special added bonus to it. Jackson Triggs allowed us to shoot on their property which is typically forbidden. Christina and Daniel were able to convince the winery to let us in for a short period of time and take some photos that we think are slightly different from what we normally get in the vineyards.

Funny enough Daniel is more of a beer drinker and is into microbrews rather than the plentiful amount of wine available on the escarpment. The typical Coors Light and Stella bottles were set aside for a local brew that had a very unique taste. I’m sure many of the guests were happy to try something new and different from what they are accustomed to. It definitely helped fuel the party that continued after we finished up the full day of shooting.


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