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Michelle & Brian :: Engagement at the Royal Ontario Museum & UofT

You may remember Michelle and Brian from Stephanie and Kevin’s wedding. They approached us last season and wanted to bounce some ideas for their engagement shoot. As always we suggest to mix it up and start with something that has mutual interest between them. It wasn’t hard before they mentioned the ROM. It has been a place they visit often and enjoy. Michelle was able to pin point so many great areas in the museum that I had never seen before! They made for great backgrounds and as you can see in one photo, made them part of a new Jurrasic Park movie! We were so happy to be part of this session as it gave a slightly different approach to photography. The creative juices were flowing and before we knew it building started to shut down for the evening. We made our way to U of T down the street and caught the last bit of light before wrapping up our session.


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