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Michelle & Adam :: Wedding at Our Lady of Lourdes Church & The Vue Event Venue

Some of you may recognize our lovely bride, Michelle and her maid of honor Danielle from the later’s own wedding we shot last year. We were lucky enough to meet all of the bridesmaids…we mean ALLLLL of them once again =) Adam started off the day at the Trump Hotel in Toronto while Michelle got ready at her parent’s lovely house in Richmond Hill. As we left the Trump Hotel, one of the car jockeys came over and asked me if the groomsmen were a famous band or part of a movie. They looked the part, like rockstars so it was easy to understand their curiosity.

If you’ve ever wondered how large of a wedding party we’ve shot, this one has got to be pretty close to the biggest. With the “party bus” fuelled and stocked, they took a tour around the GTA which also included stops in the financial district’s Cloud Garden and ending up near the Airport at the Vue Event Venue. The Bajan in Adam and his boys came to light once the dancing started.

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